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"SS 2016 GTG Bash"



SS 2013 GTG is all geard to go with great enthusiasm, on 25th Dec. 2016.

Though being the second bigest GTG, (after the first one held in Dec. 2015), this GTG Bash is more appealing as the ice was already broken in the last one, and continued to break throughout the year.

The bonds of friendship were tightened with taking up of various activities like Hemalkasa Tour, Seminary Hills Trekking, Ambazari Trekking, Diwali Milans etc. etc.

The ensuing GTG is being planned with meticulousness by a dedicated team, the team leader being Dr. Sarita.

The event will be power-packed with items such as Video Show, Individual Perfromances, Fish Pond, DJ, Khana, Pina, all masti and fun...

So come join us.


Dr. Sarita Ugemuge

Sunil Ambekar


VCA Club
Jamtha Stadium
VCA Complex
Nagpur, Maharashtra